Testimonials & Good Things

These are some messages received about CK-T, positive stories, exceptional donations, and generally a “Good Things” feed… As those in receipt of gifts have been referred, names have been removed to allow recipients to remain anonymous.

It’s Christmas Eve and I would like to take this moment to wish each and every one of you the most magical few days, however you are planning to spend them. Some of you will be having a Christmas like none you’ve experienced before. Some will be very happy occasions and others will be shedding a tear and thinking of days gone by.
Whatever Christmas looks like for you, I would like you all to know how truly thankful I am to each and every person who has supported Community Kindness – Thanet. We’ve had countless donations of brand new gifts and toys, plus money added to our JustGiving and PayPal fundraisers. We’ve had countless businesses and individuals supporting us and our wonderful donation collection points have been absolutely incredible. There have been fundraisers on our behalf and children using their own money to buy goodies for those who are less fortunate.
This year we have sent just under 4,000 gifts to more than 975 people and money and toys left over will be carried forward to next year when we start all over again by providing gifts for special occasions throughout the year. This only happens because of all of you who support us. So, on Christmas morning, spend a few moments thinking about the smiles you have created and the memories being made because of your kindness and generosity.
Merry Christmas, and thank you, to one and all xxx

-Sonia Knight, Founder, Community Kindness Thanet

Thank you community kindness especially Sonia Knight to the kind and generous Christmas presents to our Ukrainian refugees children 🎄

-Family, Christmas 2022

What wonderful gifts, I am so grateful!

– Receiving Family, Christmas 2022
I have just met with an incredible lady. Sophia Gibson purchases a gift each Christmas in memory of her son Wesley who would have celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday but sadly died when he was just 16 months old. This year, Sophia was repeatedly drawn to the fact that her son would have liked a bike. Sophia’s amazing gift in memory of Wesley has been donated to Community Kindness – Thanet for a very lucky child to receive this year. Sophia, you truly are a remarkable person xxx

Just want to say thank you so much for supporting our families this year with the presents, food and hampers. This has made a great difference to some of our families and I felt very humble today being able to provide those bits to my family that are in crisis point.

What an absolutely lovely lady! Thanks for letting me know about her brilliant cause ❤️ more stuff will be heading her way

Hi Sonia, I just want to say thank you to you and your team for the 2 gift bags for my lady clients. I have just delivered them and they had tears of happiness. Merry Christmas!

Thank you to Community Kindness for our Christmas package XxXxX

Words cannot tell you how amazing everything is. The presents are perfect, there is so much stuff, and it’s all stuff she (my daughter) will adore, and the xmas eve box is so full, let’s hope there are enough hours in xmas eve to so it all. It fits perfectly the family time I had planned. Please thank the lady from the bottom of my soul, she has made a massive difference to xmas in this house and I am truly grateful.

Sonia, thank you so much for these tickets. We made a Mum’s day on Friday when we called and said what we’d been given.
Thank you so much.